This is Zoey she's a fantastic mommy loves being a mom she's raised  a few litters for me and people just love her puppies. She is shown in 4H & FFA by my daughters and have received many ribbons even Grand Champion ones! She Loves playing fetch and walking without a leash with my 4 daughters. She's an amazing companion for us. I couldn't imagine life without her!

She's had all her testing  and is clear on everything  fill free to contact me 



Ginger is Retired Enjoying Being Spoiled!

This is Ginger one of my best mommies! She loves being a mom to puppies that aren't even hers. She loves being inside with the family and watching out the window at the kittens and cats. She's had all her testing is a 100% clear on everything. And everyone just loves a Ginger puppy! 



This is Laya and a princess she is she's a fantastic girl. She loves being shown in 4H and walks around like she owns the show. She also loves playing fetch, going for car rides and to the lake to go swimming. She is clear on everything and has had all her testing. 



This is Panda she loves being a mom even to everyone elses puppies! She loves going for walks and playing in the snow. She is a sweet girl and is happy to be part of the family. Lots of her Golden Mountain Puppies turn into incredible therapy dogs. 



Sadie is a female from Ginger & Copper that I saved. She has passed all

her testing. She has a very sweet personality & will hopefully be an awesome

mommy like Ginger was. Her and Diamond are best friends and love

playing together.



Diamond is the daughter of Laya & Copper. She is so much like her mommy.

She enjoys swimming & playing fetch. She loves to cuddle and get as much

attention as you are willing to give. She has passed all her testing & will have her first litter sometime in the year 2020