My Males


This is Cooper my main man he's a fantastic boy and has sired many happy healthy puppies for me. He is shown every year in 4H by my daughter and has recieved many Grand Champion Ribbons. He Loves to go Swimming and Learn new commands!

Lots of fantastic reviews about his puppies.

He's had all of his testing and is a 100% clear on everything please fill free to contact me for more info on him.


This is my new and upcoming male. He has passed his testing and is ready to breed 

when the girls are ready. 

He hasn't had a litter yet but I cannot wait to see what awesome pups he produces. 

He has such a gentle and amazing personality. 

He's for sure a keeper... "My Big Teddy Bear"



Chase is a puppy that I couldn't help but purchase and fall in love with. He has passed his OFA eyes 

but I'm still in the process for getting him tested in hips, elbows & genetics.

He has amazing bloodlines and I'm sure he will pass everything with flying colors 

when the time is right. He is only a year old but is a loving boy & I am so happy he's mine.